Lost Your Way?

Lost Your Way?- Dec 31
You would be ever so surprised at the amount of great players who have lost themselves in searching for “The Holy Grail” in golf, the “perfect” golf swing. I have seen the most accomplished of major winners fall off the “proverbial golf map” as a result of searching in the wrong places and seeking the wrong advice. Sure – Everyone loves and wants to improve and keep on improving. But what happens if you do lose your way? Keep working on the things you may think you need to change as result of someone’s suggestion. Or take inventory!
Have you ever travelled the highway and thought you had arrived at your destination only to find that you have gotten off on the wrong exit? I am sure you have at one time. If you are like most women, you’ll probably ask for directions! Most men will grit it out bungling along their way in circles never realizing that the highway really isn’t that far away where we again need a starting point to get our bearings. By the way boys, it is at this stage you should think and possibly consider looking for some sage advice and direction!
When you are searching the Golf Digests, Golf Worlds, the Golf Channel and Youtube video libraries for the secrets that unlock the chains that have you bound, consider this – Go and get help! Find someone who knows what the heck they are doing and get out of your rut! I know one thing for sure – The only difference between a “Groove” and a “Grave” is its depth! Think about that! Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
It astounds me when people spend copious amounts of money on new clubs and technology, hoping that the secret to the swing will be found in those magical utensils. To their dismay and disappointment, it isn’t!  I will give you “The Secret” though. Ask yourself this question – Do I know someone who could help me improve? If you don’t I am going to give you some tips for looking for the right person!
Here are my Top Ten tips on choosing the right golf professional.
Someone who passionate about their chosen career. They are enthusiastic, organized, articulate and most importantly, make learning fun.
They are extraordinary communicators with immense patience and the ability to simplify technique and converse in easy to understand language.
Evaluate their “Golf IQ!” Have they an insatiable appetite for golf knowledge, an extensive golf book and video CD library?
A motivator who will inspire change mechanically and mentally and ensuring you feel good about yourself and your game.
An optimistic, positive instructor who never gives up on a student and gives each individual the roadmap for continual improvement.
A role model, especially for young golfers who witness a personal attitude and demeanor which is exemplary at all times on and off the course.
Energetic. Imaginative and personable. They have a good mechanical eye and diagnostic ability to analyze swing flaws and provide each student with precise drills to implement change in an enjoyable and entertaining manner.
They understand how people learn and what learning style you possess.
Reputable as a Teacher and Player. Investigate their teaching credibility by asking other students if they benefitted from their lessons.
Totally committed to bringing the best out of their students mechanically and mentally as well as enhancing the game of golf. This is the teacher that can best serve your needs as a student.
Believe me! There is a lot more than you think to good golf instruction. One thing I surely do know! If you are not getting “Results,” you need to keep looking. The “Holy Grail” could only be a phone call or an email away! Good Luck! And have a very Merry Christmas!

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