High Schoolers Banned from Competition

High Schoolers Banned from Competition- Oct 14
Question – Are the OHSAA rules to ban high schoolers from all outside golf competition, a benefit to student golfers and the schools, or not?
Absolutely, unequivocally not! Why does the OHSAA hamper the progress of aspiring junior golfers by not allowing them to play in any other form of competition, other than OHSAA sanctioned events! The reason which obvious to me, is, that they must not want junior golf get better in this state!
Surprise! Surprise! Strong junior competition outside of OHSAA jurisdiction could actually elevate and not impede the skill levels of high school golfers! What a thought! I have been a strong advocate of allowing juniors more access to competitive golf during the OHSAA season. I believe that if you restrict juniors from the rigors of intense competition, you are not helping our kids – you are hindering them!
I found it fascinating recently that the OHSAA allowed a high school golfer to play in the District Golf Championship after they were the recipients of a legal injunction by the junior’s father. I say well done Dad! I am for you! This Neanderthal rule should have been made extinct long ago!
Speaking of rule changes! When will the OHSAA ever come up with a more accurate way of determining the winners of state championships at an individual and team level that would provide onlookers and supporters of golf with the best quality field each year?  I know only too well that many individuals with an alarmingly low scoring average and outstanding ability, comparative to this year’s field, will be absent from  the state competition! Heck! Under these rules, they may never venture to the Scarlet & Grey to play for themselves or their school!
Why has the Memorial Golf Tournament at Muirfield Village become one of the best golf tournaments on the PGA tour calendar each year?
Simple – Jack Nicklaus understands quality! He attracted the game’s finest and best players in the game to compete for the coveted replica of “The Claret Jug.” Isn’t it time we looked at how we do things in this century rather than adhering to some “Stone Age Rules” that are not giving our junior high school golfers an opportunity to become greater than they already are!

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